Eickholt Glass

Robert Eickholt has been creating hand blown glass pieces for over 20 years. His work has long been regarded as not only good quality, but of exceptional value as well. Eickholt has perfected certain vessel and solid form shapes over the years and likes to recreate the same or similar shapes with new aesthetic themes. These pieces have a myriad of individual mosaic shapes of colored glass that resemble pieces of agate.

Eickholt has been producing his work assisted by a team of experienced artists in Ohio for many years. His selection of vases, perfume bottles and paper weights are of high quality and unique design. He is constantly looking for new and unique designs as well as a way to perfect those he currently produces.

In 1978, Robert Eickholt founded Eickholt Glass. Eickholt Glass was established to allow for the development of new designs and decorating techniques for handblown glass art.