John McDonald

John McDonald, a resident of Valley Center, Kansas, began developing his talent as a glass artist in his hometown of Liberal, Kansas.
John explored the medium of glass beginning with his freshman year at Liberal High School.
John's next four years of high school were filled with hours spent in the art department where his talents as a glass artist were growing.
After graduating from Liberal High School, John continued in the medium of glass at Seward Community College for two years.
John's career as full-time glass artist began after visiting a glass studio in Wichita, Kansas.
His visit to the glass studio was part of his curriculum at Seward County.
John's talent in the medium of glass was recognized and he was offered a job with the studio.
He worked for the Wichita Studio for seven years before building his own studio in Valley Center, Kansas.
In 1999 John received additional training from a glass school in Corning, New York.
Currently, John is creating art in Valley Center where he lives with his wife, two sons, daughter, three dogs, and a cat.
John says he is challenged every day to design new and exciting pieces.
His fulfillment comes from seeing what he imagined in this mind come to life on the end of a pipe, and then seeing people enjoy his work.


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